Objective: To minimise the risk of transmission and protect the health of clients and visitors in close contact services. Following the Welsh government guidelines we maintain social distancing and request all visitors to please wear a face mask when entering Lumberjacks. Hand sanitising stations available throughout the venue. For any other information please feel free to get in touch.

As in all sport, there is a risk. But at Lumberjack we make safety the highest priority. We show you how to safely participate in the sport, as well as having a qualified first aider present at every session.

Swansea offers a variety of public carparks around the area and we are more than happy to point you in the right direction if you want to contact us for help.

How many can come? We take on a max of 36 per session. But we may send you an email if bookings are over ten as we will make sure that no one is left out when we choose your instructors. There is no minimum number either. If you wish to book more than 36 people feel free to contact us as we do all full premises bookings and we are more than happy to try and accommodate the largest of bookings.

Wear whatever you wish, we love a good fashion statement. All we ask is that you don’t wear open-toe shoes or high heels as your safety is important to us.